About Me

Lora Evanouski

Lora in the Owyhee Mtns

Hi my name is Lora Evanouski.  I am a graduate student pursuing my degree of Educational Technology at Boise State University in Boise ID.  After dedicating many years of management experience to the development and training of employees, I wanted to further investigate how to make the process better.  I wanted to understand the how, why, and what makes a learner learn.  I wanted to improve my training and development skills through education and technology.

In my studies with Boise State University, I have developed skills of integrating technology into the classroom as well as into the work place.  With the rapid development of technology and the social integration into our every seam of society, education and work place training should embrace using these tools to the benefit of their learners.  I have taken courses such as Website Design, Instructional Design, Instructional Theory, Multimedia, and Online Course Design.  These courses have enhanced and deepened my knowledge that I developed through real life training and implementation.  A current course that I am enrolled in is called Social Network Learning, which is a culmination of how society, students, and educators learn today.

Come with me along this learning adventure to explore new tools, new procedures to achieve deeper learning, and engage your audience.


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