Collaborative Tools

This page is dedicated to collaborative tools that could be used in creating meeting spaces.  These spaces can be private or public.  Box is a simple, scalable and affordable solution to manage documents, media and all your content online. Share files as a link. Sync files on the desktop. It’s file sharing, reinvented. You can access from any computer or mobile equipment.  It is free and very easy to use.

Caffein is an instant webcam chat service for friends and peers. Create a free video chat room and enjoy talking right now!  No software to install, private by default but invite using your social media circle of friends.

ClassChats:  This site is dedicated to creating a social network for educators.  The site contains audio\video chat functionality, shared resources, an interactive whiteboard, blogs, forums and more.  If you are looking for ideas, wanting to connect and collaborate with other classrooms via technology or just need help with your education life this is a great place to check out!

Conceptboard:  Conceptboard is a platform used for brainstorming, mind-mapping, collecting ideas and many other creative techniques. Everything you want to present on a bulletin board, or a flip chart can just as easily be created on a Conceptboard.

CubeTree:  This social network platform is geared towards business solutions.  It has been designed to allow for collaboration with experts without the overloaded email inbox.

edmodo:  This is a safe and secure site that teachers, students, schools, and districts can collaborate and share information.  You can share all forms of digital content and access it using mobile devices. allows you to embed almost any sort of file or web page. You can choose whether you want to allow people to print and/or download your file.  It is owned by, it is free and easy to use!

Google Buzz:  This collaborative tool works with Gmail.  You can add photos, videos, and connect with sites like Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader.  It also has an app for phone!

Google Wave:  Is a shared space on the web.  It is live and in real time.  You can add text, videos, and photos.  This tool is in limited preview and you must ask for an invitation to belong.

GroupMe:  This tool allows you to text your group all at once.  This is a great way to communicate at one click of a button, just create your group and you are on your way with your real-life network!  You can share photos and it has apps for both the iPhone and Android.  If you want an instant phone conference, you can do that too!

Jabbster: Jabbster is a private meeting place for you to connect and share your life with only the people you want. You choose who get’s to see what.  It is free and allows you to share pictures, calenders, and important information.

Puush:  Use keyboard shortcuts or drag-drop gestures to quickly capture any portion of your screen or upload any file. These files are near-instantly puush’d, leaving behind a short URL in your clipboard, perfect for sharing. Paste these easily into your Twitter, IRC or IM clients.

Schoology:  Schoology provides an enterprise level learning management system and configurable social network.  Instructors and students can easily create, share, and manage academic material through a social networking interface.

ShoutEm:  This is a social network you can be the administrator.  This allows you to set the restrictions.  This would be a great way to communicate for school or business.  You can choose to allow users to post pictures, attachments, and have threaded conversations.  This site is creates embeddable forums you can place on your blogs and websites.  It has search engine optimization which directs traffic to your site.  It is fully integrated with Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  It is a free webservice that allows anyone to create custom social networks for any purpose.  You can share audio, video, and images.  It is integrated with Facebook.  This would be great for a teacher or instructor to start a social network site for a class, school, or even a district!  The only drawback is bandwidth, for individual classrooms this would be a great addition.

Wylio:  Free pictures to use for your blog or web page.  These images can be reshaped and re-sized for your page.  The site gives you code to copy and paste into your site!

Yuuguu:  Yuuguu screen sharing is fast and secure. Using the unique INSTANT screen sharing platform people can see what is on your screen in near real time on good internet connections.  Collaborate in real time.  Cloud based no downloads.

Zoho:  This is an online tool that allows you to share, chat, IM, create documents, wikis, and much more.  This tool is free and cloud based.  The applications are delivered over the internet, requiring nothing but a browser.


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